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Learning a skill involves several functions. As an example, let's examine counting.

First, a goal must be established such as 'learn to count objects'. Then, the names of the numbers must be remembered. Then, the proper order of the names must be remembered. Then, the process of selecting a set of objects to be counted must be remembered. Then, the process of selecting a number to associate with each object must be remembered. Then, the process of detecting that all objects have been associated with a number must be remembered. And finally, the set of steps required to complete the 'count objects' must be remembered and associated with the name of the process 'count objects'.

Thus, learning involves remembering and association. Human memory can be a fragile thing. Many repetitions are required to establish a lasting memory. The perceived importance of events experienced influences how long the memory of the events can be easily recalled.

The computer provides an opportunity to vastly improve the human learning experience in two fundamental ways. First, for the individual, a process can be stored in a computer system and can be remembered forever with a single repetition. Second, for society, anything stored by any individual can be made available to all members of society. These two capabilities can dramatically increase the learning capacity of each of us.

In order to take advantage of these capabilities, we need to use two new tools: a personal knowledge system and the world wide web.

Our personal knowledge system will allow each individual to customize the data, information and knowledge which we need to pursue our unique set of goals and interests.

The world wide web will allow everyone to share new knowledge and insights with anyone else they choose and acquire data, information and knowledge from anyone else who chooses to share what they have discovered.

The time to begin building our own unique personal knowledge system is while we are in the formal education process. Ideally, from the first grade on, each student would have access to a personal knowledge system and be encouraged to maximize the benefits of its use.

Knowledge Based Solutions developed the Personal Knowledge System (TM) and the Student Knowledge System (TM) for students.

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