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Remote Sharing Option (TM) is an optional feature of the Knowledge System which provides the ability to browse knowledge bases on other copies of the Knowledge System using TCP/IP over either an Intranet or the Internet.

This facility provides peer-to-peer access among Knowledge Systems. Each workstation may enable a Client and/or a Server component of the RSO facility.

When the RSO Client is active, items in the local knowledge base may link to items in TCP/IP connected remote knowledge bases. These items will be visible to the user of the local knowledge base if the remote Knowledge System is actively providing a RSO Server function and the local user is authorized to access the remote system using the RSO facility by the remote system.

When the RSO Server is active, there are two controls over who may view material on the local KwB using the RSO facility. First, use of this facility may be limited to named users. Second, access is limited to non-private items on the local knowledge base.

The system supports modification of a knowledge base by authorized remote users.

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