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In the formal education process, students gain their knowledge from teachers and text books. The knowledge bases for students are their minds.

There several obstacles for both teachers and students. Two of the largest are relevance and interest. In order to maximize learning, the student needs to be interested in learning when the teacher is interested in teaching a particular subject. Given a large student to teacher ratio (anything greater than one), it is difficult to ensure that all students are focusing on the subject that the teacher is teaching at all points in time. Therefore, the process is inefficient by definition.

The computer and proper software will help solve this problem over time.

Relevance has another impact on the student. Even if a student is focused on the subject when it is being taught, if the subject matter is not relevant to meeting near term goals (yes, students. that is why there must always be tests) or solving near term problems, the subject matter tends to be forgotten over time. My rule was; "do not learn what you do not need". This is a serious problem! When you suddenly develop the need, you will not know the subject. One answer is to document all material being taught. The computer never forgets (at least not yet). If the material is then properly indexed, the material can be found when the need arises. Problem solved!

Today, there are few if any fully developed knowledge bases for students. So, the student needs to build a knowledge base as the material is being taught. This will be a great growth industry for good students in the future.

Knowledge Based Solutions developed the Student Knowledge System (TM) to support educational knowledge bases.

If you know of knowledge bases which would be of benefit to students, please use feedback to suggest their URL's for inclusion on this site.

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