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Businesses large and small are comprised of individuals. Each of these people bring special knowledge and skills to bear to solve business problems and meet business objectives.

Most of these individuals could improve their efficiency and accuracy by utilizing a personal knowledge base to store and organize their unique knowledge.

Knowledge Based Solutions developed the Personal Knowledge System (TM) for business use.

For small and medium size business, the Personal Knowledge System may meet their group knowledge sharing needs as well. While Personal Knowledge System was designed for individual use and does not support concurrent knowledge base updating by multiple users at the same time, it does support sharing read only knowledge bases implemented on Local Area Networks.

For knowledge which is owned by one or a small number of users and updated by a single person at a time, the Personal Knowledge System is an easy to implement knowledge sharing system.

For all businesses, Personal Knowledge System is an option to support the individual's need for storage and organization of information and knowledge.

For businesses with a need to share one or more Knowledge Bases among multiple individuals for concurrent use, Knowledge Based Solutions developed the Business Knowledge System (TM).

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