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A few questions

Q. Is automation good or bad?

A. Automation is good because it increases the productivity of people. This means the individual can have more time to enjoy life.

Automation represents human progress. It is the knowledge we have gained, the processes we have developed, the machines we build to extend our power and the organization we use to empower group activities.

Automation like the natural resources we find are provided by the creator of the universe.

If used wisely, we can empower everyone to gain the most from their individual abilities.

If not used wisely, it empowers the few to take advantage of others - it is our choice.

Q. What are our common goals?

A. Our common goals are to provide a safe, comfortable, enjoyable life for ourselves and our family.

Q. What are the right questions?

A. The right questions are the ones which will lead to The Just Society.

Q. What is the just society?

A. The Just Society is one in which each individual can achieve to their full potential.

Q. What is wealth?

A. Wealth is an abundance of valuable material possessions or resources.

Q. How does an individual gain wealth?

A. An individual gains wealth by saving and investing wisely.

Q. How does a business gain wealth?

A. A business gains wealth by making profit.

Q. How does a nation gain wealth?

A. A nation gains wealth by promoting wealthy people.

Q. How does a nation promote wealthy people?

A. A nation promotes wealthy people by teaching the values by which people gain wealth.

What should each person do to fix our economy?

A. People need to take personal responsibility for their lives. There are certain habits which will make a difference in their lives.

Q. Who should profit from technology?

A. Everyone should benefit from technology.

Q. How does a person learn?

A. A person learns by observing, asking questions and reading. [Just watch a child grow up]

Q. Where in the Constitution does it say it is permissible for one group to impose their religious views on another group by the rule of law?

Q. Where in the Constitution does it say it is permissible to give one group an advantage over another group by the rule of law?

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