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About Society

Society Key Concepts

Humans are a social animal. We can achieve more when we work together rather than working alone. In order to meet our individuals goals we need the help of others. In order to get the help of others, we need to support others in our own best self interest. This is a lesson everyone should learn by age four. It is not just about me, it is about us. What are our common goals?

Humans have greater intelligence than the other living things on the planet. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take care of planet Earth. We can arrange things as we choose. How do we choose to make best use of the creation around us?

Society needs to ensure that everyone has a purpose. We need a system that includes everyone.

Supporting Material

We all have a stake in each other. We must protect each other from harm. Otherwise the bullies win.

We should all have a vote in how things should be managed. In a democracy, it is up to the voters to change the law. We must reach consensus on how we want society to function.

As the population increases and the use of technology increases, we become more and more dependent upon others for our very survival and basic needs.

The job becomes the prime provider and capitalism only proves for the 95%.

To gain consensus, we need to document the information which provides the most benefit to society.

The risks facing society are war, crime, over population and climate change. We need to use education to minimize these risks.

We need a good model for the knowledge map which would address these risks.

The primary function of government is to prevent harm. Being unemployed is harmful; both to the individual and the economy. It falls on government to solve this problem because there is no other solution.

Q. What are the issues that divide us?

A. Society is divided into groups along economic, religious, and cultural lines.

Q. What is the fundamental difference that divides human society?

A. Some support equality. Some support elitism.

Q. Is there a common definition of a Just Society?

A. A Just Society should provide equal opportunity to all. Individual freedom should be recognized for all as long as people do not cause harm.

If the world was simple. We would already have it figured out. There is a set of principles upon which to build a Just Society, we simply need to discover them.

A Just Society: a society where no one can use their power to exploit another. I believe that the public opinion is the key to having a Just Society.

The highest priority social responsibility is to do no harm and allow no one else to do harm.

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