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The Summary

The Truth

The fundamental thoughts for understanding human life and our place in the creation.

Our primary mission in life is to discover, learn and serve the will of the creator.

We have a free will and the obligation to use it to serve ourselves, our family, our tribe and all of humanity.

Of necessity, we have a strong self interest to protect ourselves and insure the survival of our essence. This is the basis of original sin. When our self interest is used to take advantage of our fellow beings we have sinned in the eyes of the creator.

We go through life making many decisions. Each is important in the eyes of the creator.

There is right and wrong. In each decision, we need to ask ourselves which is the right choice. It is our obligation to do right in this life.

If we make a mistake, it is to learn from the error. If we learn from others we can avoid most wrong choices.

Listen to others so you may learn. But, think for your self and make the right choice.

Life is not a spectator sport; participate! Join with others to do good in the world.

Every human is your brother or sister, help them to be successful so that you will be successful.

There is a God. God does care about each of us. God wants us to be successful; but, the gift of free will is unconditional. *

We are responsible for our own choices in life. We must not wait for others to find the right path. That is our mission!

For harmony in the world, we need to band together, to discover the things on which we can all agree and not dwell on the things which set us apart.

* Truth is not absolute. Everything is relative. In the search for truth, each decision is important. For each decision; there is a right and a wrong choice. Some things are beyond human experience. Some things are just taken on faith.

The Goal

The goal is to re-discover Eden: To improve life for all people, to provide the environment where each person can reach their maximum potential.

The Plan

The Plan is to use the Internet and the World Wide Web to share knowledge and establish a common task management system for everyone to use in working toward common objectives.

Shared knowledge is the most powerful force in the human experience.

The Tools

The Tools are education and consensus. We need to focus on solving problems rather than taking advantage of others. It is that simple.

The Document

The Document to start the process is at The Common View.

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