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Purpose of Religion

Religion is to provide guidance in handling the challenges and tragedies of life.

Purpose of Religion:

Q. What are the lessons of religion?

  1. Man is responsible for managing planet earth
  2. Man should love his fellow man as himself
  3. Man has the original sin of greed which must be over come to enter into heaven

12/30/2006 - The time has come to stop using religion as a weapon of war and to start using it as a tool of peace.

01/06/2007 - Those that think only of themselves are lost; those that would save all will be rewarded in the next life.

03/17/2007 - Life is not a zero sum game. We do not need to take from others to have a good life for ourselves and our children. The creator gave us two great gifts among many: time and knowledge. We need to use these gifts to take maximum advantage of all the other gifts.

Bottom line: Religion provides the individual a moral compass and a reason to follow the moral path.

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