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Q. What would happen if we all just decided to stop arguing about things and try to solve our problems and resolve our differences?

We waste a great deal of time, energy and resources arguing and fighting over things which could be resolved peacefully.

The contentious political issues could be resolved if we seek common agreement and look at the root cause of some of our problems.

Q. What is a just society?

A. A just society is a society where each person can reach their maximum potential.

Q. Is automation good or bad?

A. Automation is good because it increases the productivity of people. This means the individual can have more time to enjoy life.

Automation represents human progress. It is the knowledge we have gained, the processes we have developed, the machines we build to extend our power and the organization we use to empower group activities.

Automation like the natural resources we find are provided by the creator of the universe.

If used wisely, we can empower everyone to gain the most from their individual abilities.

If not used wisely, it empowers the few to take advantage of others - it is our choice.

Q. What is the purpose of life?

A. The purpose of life is to increase intelligence in the universe.

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