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General Social Problems

Fundemental origion of human problems

Everything we have is a gift from God; our strength, good looks, intelligence, our drive to succeed.

Many human problems are due to Original Sin - our greed.

The tree of knowledge is not about knowledge; it is about using knowledge to take advantage of our fellow humans.

To live in a violence free world; we need to truly live our religion - the part about loving our fellow beings as ourselves. This means to make every decision so as to put the needs of others on a higher plain than our own needs.

Self interest is a good thing and helps insure our very survival. Carried to the extreme of greed and it leads to violence.

To achieve peace, we need to correct the sins of the past and live moral lives.

Specifically, resolve the Palestinian issue, promote democracy around the world, and share the wealth of our world more equitably. Capitalism is a good start; but, sound government policies are required to correct the inherent imbalance of income generated by the out comes of pure capitalism.

Specific Social Problems

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