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Palestinian issues

I have not done much research on the Palestinian Issues and conflict. But, I do not need to.

It is obvious to everyone that there exists a problem here to be solved.

It seems that the UN imposed a solution to a problem and the law of unintended consequences took over to create a big mess. OK, so be it. Let's not waste a great deal of time worrying how we got here. Let's just fix the problem.

First, we need to identify some goals:

  1. Reduce un-employment
  2. Establish stable governments
  3. Right previous wrongs
  4. Ensure equality of everyone under the law
  5. Ensure full-employment
  6. Listen to anyone with a complaint and seek a just solution

Now, what is so hard about that? All it takes is good will and the desire to actually solve the problems without trying to take unfair advantage of anyone!

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