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The number one problem facing the human race is under-employment. There are people who are un-employed and there are people who are not working at their full potential.

Those two groups include most of the human race. Then there is the group that is working too hard. You know who you are. Stop and smell the roses if you want. You have free will.

People need useful employment to be fulfilled: either paid or unpaid productive work. We have the technology which now makes it possible to see to it that anyone who wants a job can have one. Society just needs to make this a priority.

The process is simple. Provide the basic legal framework for capitalism to flourish, establish a government authority for taxing income, make education easy to obtain, provide transparent access to information about jobs and job openings, and use part of the income tax to guarantee anyone who can not find a job on their own a job.

Happy, productive people do not have the time or inclination to cause strife.

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