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Unstable Iraq

Iraq is unstable. We broke it; we should fix it.

What should we do? We should make it clear to everyone what goals we want to accomplish.

I think the goals should be:

  1. To ensure that everyone is equal under the law in Iraq
  2. To ensure that the oil wealth is shared equally with every citizen of Iraq who is in the country
  3. To ensure that anyone who wants a job will have one in a very short time period
  4. To ensure that everyone is told that it is in everyone's best interest that society be governed by the rule of law
  5. To ensure that a religious convention is held to document the common beliefs of all the worlds major religions
  6. To remove US combat forces as soon as possible
  7. To continue to supply training and equipment for the Iraqi security forces until the security of the country is assured
  8. To pay a bounty for all explosive devices which are turned in to US forces

To that end, the United States should guarantee a stable income to the elected government of Iraq to provide employment for all citizens who do not have a job for a period of three years if the government enables the sharing of the oil wealth, enacts laws to protect both Sunni and Shi interests, and facilitates the full employment policy.

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