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For this effort we propose the following goals:

  1. Minimize human conflict
  2. Respect our fellow man
  3. Protect our environment
  4. Increase our knowledge
  5. Solve our common problems
  6. Reach consensus

For the purpose of this effort there is one very important assumption which we first make. We assume that there exists a life after death where we are held accountable for our actions in life. This means that each person can be judged by the effect their actions have on others.

With this assumption in place, to improve society, we need only improve the world which we experience. This is in our own, long term best interest.

Q. What would the creator of the universe want us to do?

A. To build a society where everyone is able to achieve their goals and follow their dreams. Where opportunity is made available for all. Where a job is always available to provide self fulfillment for the individual. Pride of accomplishment is the right of everyone. No matter their chosen station in life. Everyone can be successful without denying that right to anyone else. That is only fair. Fairness should be one of the guiding principles for each decision each person makes in life. For truly the essence of being alive is the opportunity to have free will and make the wise choice. To do otherwise is to reduce our value as human beings.

Q. What are the fundamental ideas which each human being should embrace to enhance our common good?

A. The fundamental ideas which each human being should embrace are the concept of right and wrong and the need to promote fairness in all dealings with our fellow beings and the world in which we live. We need to make rational decisions rather than emotional decisions.

We need a moral compass to guide us in making our daily decisions in life.

Principles which should guide each decision we make:

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