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About the Universe

Universe Key Concepts

The creation is ours to enjoy or destroy.

Supporting Material

We each know that we exist. Our senses tell us that the creation (universe) and our fellow humans exist. We do not known how or when the creation came into being.

Life is a gift. We each have free will and the ability to do good or harm. It is in our own best interest that each person does good in order that all may enjoy this wonderful gift.

We collectively (society) are responsible to take care of ourselves, our fellow humans and the planet which we all share. We need to use our collective intelligence to best manage our affairs. The Creator has left that as our responsibility.

We are in the creation. Do we really understand it?

Science does not explain the creation. It has an interesting theory for everyone to think about; but, science does not explain where anything comes from.

The purpose I see is based upon the observation over the timeline of the known universe, that the dominate life form has intelligence exceeding all other known which came before us. Therefore, I conclude the purpose of the universe is to increase order and intelligence.

Life is a test. Humanity will either past the test or cease to exist. The universe does not care. It is our choice.

We really need to appreciate the results no matter how it was set in motion and try to make the world a better place for all and shown our appreciation by preventing harm to the creation and our fellow humans.

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