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About Taxes - we need some. The question is "How much and who should pay"?

We each have our individual needs and wants. We have many needs and wants in common. We want safety; we want our children to succeed in life. We want to minimize conflict with others. We want to make a contribution and be recognized for our efforts. We need a job which matches our abilities and interests.

Our government is failing us because we are failing our government. This is a democracy. We get what we say we want. We just need to want the right things. Each of us must weight our own needs and wants against the needs and wants of everyone else and make reasonable requests of our elected officials. Money is not the goal in life. It is a tool for deciding what each of us will contribute to our collective lives on this earth.

Government should be managed as a business. Government is in the Just Society business.


Taxes and Services

Type of tax service provided where collected *
income tax national defense federal level
education state level
full employment state level
property tax fire and police protection local level
sales tax inflation control mechanism national level
essential government services state level
social services state level
rainy day funds state level
sin tax restoration state level
ex. cigerates - health care
service fee specific government service local/state level
drivers license, ID state level
water, trash, sewage, etc. local level
fuel tax roads, highway system state/federal level

* this is a collection service only - the funds are then directly transfered to the spending authority

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