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About Self

About Self Concepts

The prime mover for each person is perceived self interest. Each individual has their own, unique set of interests. Over time, individuals will select beliefs which provide the most benefit to the individual.

Uncertainty is a key characteristic of the creation. Since, there are some things we do not know, we are driven to learn. Life is a learning experience.

Freedom: Everyone should be free to do what they want until they cause harm.

Supporting Material

I think, therefore, I am. - Rene Descartes

Each person (Self) has only information delivered to the brain and the retained memories of past information upon which to base decisions about future actions to take and how to respond to current events.

Humans are a social animal. We can achieve more working together. In order to meet our individuals goals we need the help of others. In order to get the help of others, we need to support others in our own best self interest. This is a lesson everyone should learn by age four. It is not just about me, it is about us. What are our common goals?

There exists free will for each individual. Each individual is responsible for the decisions they make.

The fundamental human flaw is excessive self interest - when self interest justifies exploiting others.

The missing knowledge is that helping others achieve their goals helps the individual be more successful (as long as no one is doing harm). You serve yourself best by serving others.

The greatest obstacle to finding truth is our own false beliefs.

The primary objective for the individual is to be happy.

Individuals must discover their own purpose to give their life meaning.

The primary personal responsibility is "Do no harm, allow no one to do harm to another".

It is in the best interest of each individual to reduce risks to their health and safety.

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