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Full Employment

Full Employment Key Concepts

It is important that anyone who wants to work shall have at least a minimum wage job whenever they seek employment.

Supporting Material

Full employment means that anyone who wants work will find it in a short time frame - say one week.

We have the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) here. Their job is to help people find work. If anyone not able to find a job on their own goes to the VEC they should get a job quickly. If none are available, then the person would be given a temporary job doing non-essential work such as entering data into a computer data base for historical material not already available for online access or doing recycling of material not normally recycled or some other useful but non-essential activity.

The idea about providing full employment, is to always have something productive to use labor for when market demand is not providing full employment. We should not pay people to do nothing (at least not in the long term). Therefore, rather than pay welfare, we should pay people who cannot find employment to do something which is socially useful. The increased expenses would not be born by the recycling companies; but, by society from a national sales tax or a progressive income tax on individuals.

For chronic unemployment, we need to use the government to create more jobs by hiring companies to provide products and services which promote the social good. Such as, performing research or hiring more teachers, to soak up human capacity which the private sector is not capable of using.

Bottom Line: When the free market is not providing sufficient jobs, the government must step in to provide work which does not compete with businesses which are profitable.

The case for Full Employment

Responsibility for Full Employment

Full Employment thought model

A new social contract

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