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About Religion

Religion Key Concepts

Religion should be a force for good rather than a continuation of the human struggle for supremacy.

What should religion teach us? To live our lives so as to honor the creator and do no harm to the creation or our fellow humans.

Supporting Material

Q. What is the purpose of religion?

A. Religion is to provide guidance in handling the challenges and tragedies of life.

A short summary of religion

Obervations about religion

Any religion which does not respect the rights of non-believers is fundamentally flawed. This is the first problem to solve. Until all religions accept this idea there can be no peace.

Freedom of religion is the right to practice a religion not the right to impose those briefs on others.

Questions about religion

Q. Is religion a good thing or bad?

A. On balance the religion of the Jews, Christians and Muslims is a bad thing. It has done great damage by dividing the people over issues of little importance while failing to unite us on the important things.

The Goal of religion should be to establish heaven, here on Earth.

We need to write a new religious text to correct outdated ideas and bring the faithful to a common understanding.

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