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The Plan

Retain the existing two party system; but use public opinion to force individual candidates to the center by focusing on a problem/solution approach to current high priority issues.

Use knowledge to form public opinion.

First, build a list of problems and then build a list of solutions for each problem and then prioritize and build an action plan.

We need to document where we want to go, current problems, proposed solutions and then get agreement to implement the solutions.

We need support from all political factions that the ideas are acceptable to a majority of their members. We need consensus if we are to achieve our goals.

There are many vested interests which will fight change unless they see an advantage for themselves.

The main advantage is to reduce personal risk of losing what they already have.

Do not just change how the economic pie is divided; but show how to make the pie larger.

Do not take from anyone. Give opportunity to everyone.

Put all injustice in the history books and move forward to remove current injustices.

Put the argument into a win-win framework.

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