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About Philosophy

Philosophy Key Concepts

Philosophy: the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, etc.

The most significant contribution to humankind of Philosophy is the realization that what holds a person back from finding truth is their own false beliefs.

As long as people are not doing harm, leave them to their own lives.

Supporting Material

Philosophers: What do others think?

Philosophical Foundation:

Can a philosopher ever be sure of anything? At some point we must just state assumptions and work from there.

The question then becomes "What is the shortest list of assumptions upon which we can build a rational world view?".

Given: I exist.

Assumption List:

  1. The world we are meant to understand is delivered by our senses
  2. The universe is real
  3. The system is rational
  4. The system includes the known universe

Provable: A creator exist.

The irrelevant

The decision to believe in either science or a supreme being is irrelevant to how one should live a life well lived.

What is important is how we treat each other. Using religion as a weapon belies the very concept of a supreme, intelligent being.

Key Question

The question is not whether God exist. The question is "Do we understand the creation".

A Given

The origin of the creation is Beyond Human Understanding in Objective Reality. We just need to accept that our senses deliver the world as it is meant to be and learn what we are meant to understand. We need to implement a Just Society for the benefit of all humankind. We need to remove the sources of conflict among the people of planet Earth.

Beliefs for the real world

Q. Upon what foundation shall we build our belief system?

A. Perhaps the base is individual self interest.

Question List

Q. Is it better to live in harmony with our neighbors or be in a state of conflict?

A. In the Final Analysis: there are but two choices - conflict or consensus. I prefer consensus. A people divided against themselves cannot long stand. We need to find common ground to continue to prosper.

Q. What are the issues that divide human society?

A. Society is divided into groups along economic, religious, and cultural lines.

Q. What are the economic issues which divide human society?

Q. What are the religious issues which divide human society?

Q. What are the cultural issues which divide human society?

Q. What principle can ease the conflicts?

A. Why are humans so interested in telling other people what to do and how to enjoy their lives? As long as people are not doing harm, leave them to their own lives.

Practical Foundation: The foundation upon which we build a just society:

Further Thoughts:

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