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Problem - in the US, funding for the highway system is unable to keep up with demand.

Solution - tie funding for roads directly to usage of the roads.

As a general principle, people who benefit from a government service should pay for that service.

Roads are not required because people own automobiles. Roads are required when people use their automobiles. Therefore, we should be charged a fee when we actually use the roads. The most cost effective way to charge for road usage is by setting the fuel tax (toll) at a rate high enough to fund all road construction and maintenance.

Toll facilities can be used to provide premium services, such as access to the HOV lanes which are currently underutilized.

If we can agree to only use money from these tolls to build and maintain the roadway transportation system and not to use these tolls for any other purpose, then the people can control the funds available for roads by their usage of the facilities and by adjusting the toll rates through their government representatives.

If individuals want to reduce their taxes (tolls) they can use more fuel efficient vehicles. If they desire better (or fewer) roadways they can ask their representatives to raise (or lower) the tolls.

This way, roads would no longer have to compete with education for limited tax dollars.

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