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People frustrated by a lack of progress in solving their problems may resort to violence against society.

Q. How do we prevent terrorism?

A. We prevent terrorism by first, ensuring that everyone has a job and second by punishing those who try to take advantage of their fellow citizens.

Many of us are too busy going to work, caring for our families and trying to enjoy our lives to strap on a bomb and try to kill our fellow human beings. Perhaps society should just try to provide a meaningful job for anyone who wants one and then no one will have the time to listen to those who want to control their fellow beings through the power of hate.

Then, we need to decide that people who seek to control their fellow beings by teaching hate are criminals and need to be removed from society.

If society wants to achieve world peace, we need to do two things.

We need to enact and enforce a law at the United Nations level that prohibits any individual or group from initiating or espousing any violent act to advance any cause which places any individual or group at an advantage over any other individual or group.

And we need to ensure that there is full employment in a meaningful, productive job world wide.

We believe that the rule of law and full participation in society's meaningful endeavors will provide the environment for a more peaceful life for each of us.

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