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Single parent families

Too many households have a single parent; particularly among low income families.

This is a problem for two reason: time and money.

Raising a child takes a lot of time and energy. Young women need to be married before having children. This is a personal responsibility.

Second, a two parent family will normally have more income to support the family. It is now normal for women to work outside the family. Two incomes are greater than one.

Religious leaders should also insist that young women not have unprotected sex before marriage. To prohibit sex education and the use of birth control by sexually active, unmarried women is unreasonable.

The black family was broken apart by the financial limitations of the Great Society.

There was a financial incentive to keep the father out of the home to get more financial support for children. Therefore, we now have several generations of children with no father figure in the home - a disgrace put in place by the Democrats.

We need to discourage single parent families not encourage them! We need a policy which places a financial incentive to keep fathers in the home and limit the number of children to two. To continue to provide financial support for each additional child is a huge mistake.

The best birth control is a financially secure family. There is a natural trend to limit the size of the family in order to provide the best care for each child. If we replace all welfare with workfare and ensure that every family has a secure job, then the number of children without proper parental support will go down.

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