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Any religion which does not respect the rights of non-believers is fundamentally flawed.

examples of problems:

The time has come to stop using religion as a weapon of war and to start using it as a tool of peace.

Those that think only of themselves are lost; those that would save all will be rewarded in the next life.

To address the problem of religion being used to justify man's inhumanity to man and destruction of the environment we should convene a council of religious reconciliation for the major religions.

It is time for a new religious reformation. We need to write a new religious text to converge the three Abrahamic religions belief systems onto a new base of belief.

Religion should be a force for good rather than a continuation of the human struggle for supremacy.

What should religion teach us? To live our lives so as to honor the creator and do no harm to the creation or our fellow humans.

We need to write a new religious text to correct outdated ideas and bring the faithful to a common understanding.

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