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Unrest in Libya

About Libya and Democracy:

Should America support a democratic process even if the results are an Iran?

We would argue yes. Even in Iran, the people have a chance to elect their own government. Over time, we can hope they get it right.

In Libya, prior to the intervention by the UN, there was little chance for Democracy to develop.

Leaders should not be allowed to kill peaceful demonstrators in any country without severe consequences.

The question is what should those consequences be?

We would argue for a total economic boycott by all members of the UN. Any nation which breaks the embargo would in turn be subject to the same embargo.

This is the ultimate non-violent weapon for a civilized society.

In the case of Libya, the UN should issue an arrest warrant for those responsible for firing on peaceful demonstrators. If the government of Libya does not turn over those individuals then an economic embargo should be put in place for that government in our opinion.

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