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Human Population Growth Key Concept

The key to preventing human over population is to ensure Full Employment and Living Wage policies in each country of the world. It is observed that families which are doing well financially tend to limit their number of children.

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The global planet is fast approaching its capacity to feed its people. The world economy does not need a large use of manpower due to robotics, computers and huge farm machines.

Does that call for more people to be born? Do we need serious family planning and more contraception use?

Is it fair for women to bring forth more children than they can feed, clothe and educate in the poverty areas of this world?

The rich nations do not wish to subsidize these countries. Much of government and religions in poor countries do not support family planning even though they know that poverty breeds war, ethnic genocide and terrorism.

It is time to look deeper into this problem facing our future and rethink our need for large populations to provide excessive manpower.

Ref: Daily Press, Newport News, VA 03/02/2002

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