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About immigration - there are two issues which need to be addressed.

There is immigration and illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration should be easy. We are either a society of laws or not. Laws which are not enforced should not be on the books. Laws which can not be enforced should not be on the books. Otherwise the people lose respect for The Law.

Illegal immigrants are here because we allow them to be here - this is wrong. People should not be allowed to hold a job if they are here illegally. We can control this by holding the employer accountable. Heavy fines and prison time will remove the reason for a person to come here illegally for a job. If a legal immigrant brings others into the country we can hold them responsible. These two steps should remove most illegal immigrants from the country.

As for the case of how many immigrants should be allowed to enter the country, this also should be easy. There should be simple requirements - they must learn the language, follow the law and be able to support themselves and their families. The other social requirement should be that they do not take a job from a citizen. In order to fulfill that requirement, we should require full employment in society. That is, anyone who wants a job will get a job in a short time period. Once this process is in place, if there is a job which can not be filled, we should actively look for immigrants to fill these positions.

We can solve our problems with a reasoned approach.

Congress needs to modernize immigration policy.

Changes to law:

  1. To become citizen of US, one parent must be citizen of US or go through the naturalization process
  2. Illegal to employ person in country illegally (must have valid social security number)
  3. Must detain illegals until deported
  4. Make it easier to get temporary work permits so that people have no incentive to be illegal

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