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  1. Ensure affordable health insurance for all
  2. Prevent individual exclusion from health care
  3. Limit out of pocket costs for the individual
  4. Reduce the total national cost of health care

About Health Care - We do not need a large government run program to have a just health care system.

We need government enforced rules to prevent for profit business from putting money ahead of humanity.

The health care system should be insurance based. Shared risk among the entire population. A system which uses financial incentives to encourage good health among the entire population. The individual does not get to select their DNA. They do get to choose a life style. Our God given abilities and social environment determine our station in life.

It is not fair to punish that over which we have no control. Therefore, everyone should have health insurance from cradle-to-grave as a condition of citizenship. There should be only two pools of insured - those below and those above the retirement age. The cost of each pool shall be covered by dividing the cost for the year of the pool by the number of people in the pool.

The insurance should be offered by stock backed corporations which offer a series of 20 nation wide policies determined by the market place. The twenty most selected policies from the prior year will be valid and must be offered the following year by any company offering health insurance. No cherry picking. Each family shall be free to choose any one of the policies from any company nation wide. No pre-existing conditions. Everybody is covered. Life style choices will be reflected in the individual premium. The premium for any given family will be limited to a percentage of the family income as determined by the average national cost of health care as a percentage of the gross national product. The rich will pay more, the poor will pay less.

A few computer programs should be sufficient to calculate the numbers required to set the monthly premiums. The lawyers can take care of the abuses. No government bureaucracy required.

Health Care is 16% of U.S. GDP [Gross Domestic Product] projected to be 20% by 2015

Ref: 02/24/06 Daily Press

The health care problem can be addressed by taking the following actions:
  1. Disallow companies from paying for health care for their employees
  2. Require everyone to carry a health care policy
  3. Place everyone into one of two groups below retirement age or retirement age and above
  4. Each group must pay for their own care
  5. Premiums are based upon the ability to pay

Underlining assumption:

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