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Global warming is now the most important problem facing humanity. If we get this issue wrong, the human species could cease to exist.

Global warming is a much more important issue than the stock market.

The market collapse will make you poorer, global warming will make you dead!

The free market system is causing the problem by allowing pollution. Until we add the true cost of all our decisions, we will get unintended results for our actions.


Q. What can we do now.

A. To fight climate change we need to stop increasing the human population, greatly reduce the burning of fossil fuels, ensure Full Employment and a Living Wage for all and start planting trees.

We all need to get on the same page when discussing climate change.

I think the key data is the percentage of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. My understanding is that we have records for this percentage over a long period of time and it is currently growing at an alarming rate. It is also true that these gases do cause heat from the sun to be trapped within the atmosphere. It is also true that the increased temperature is affecting both living things and the weather.

More importantly, these changes as self reinforcing and will both increase and increase at a faster rate. There are too many humans on the planet for future conditions if the trends continue. You and I will survive. But, the consequences for future generations do not look good. If you believe in an after life and a judgement day, then you too should be concerned.

Please see NASA evidence for additional information.

Freedom, like most other things in life has limits. People do not have the right to do harm to others. The key constrain on human behavior needs to be: Does that action cause harm?

If there are two land owners: Allen and Bob. Bob does not have the right to dump his trash from his land onto the land owned by Allen.

The air is not owned by any single individual. It is owned in common by all people. Therefore, no one has the right to dump trash into the air unless the owners agree. Pollution of The Common is harmful and thus not allowed.

Climate Change is harmful to everyone. Our risk of injury increases as the weather becomes more violent. Our insurance rates go up as more damage is done. The prices of our purchases go up as drought reduces the food and water supplies.

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