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Election spending problem

Recent opinions about running for public office point out a major problem with current politics: the overuse of money. Ideas, integrity and the desire to serve the public good should become a higher priority in the process.

To that end, we suggest the following changes. The amount of money spent to support a candidate should be strictly limited. We have technology to make the process of educating voters much more efficient and less costly. The government should fund a Web site for each candidate meeting the requirements to run for office to post their platform and arguments for their candidacy. The government's voter information Web page should have a link to each candidate's site.

Several public debates should be funded by government for all valid candidates during the course of the campaign period. The government should fund limited "get out the vote" advertisements to publicize the elections, mention all candidates' names and refer voters to the voter information Web site.

Nongovernment-paid advertisements for elections, issues or candidates should be illegal. Newspapers would inform voters by reporting on the debates and the issues as is the current case. Then candidates would not be limited to the wealthy or those having obligations to the wealthy.

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