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There is no consensus on the goals

The problem - there is no consensus on the goals.

Okay, there we have it. The American people do not have an agreed set of national goals!

Some people think winner take all is the best way to run an economy and others think we need to ensure a level playing field for all and that some people just need more help than others to be successful in life.

It seems to depend on one's life experience as into which group an individual falls.

Successful people see no reason to provide help to those which have not put forth the effort to be successful.

People which understand that some people are not equipped to be successful, think we need to make allowances to help our fellow human beings.

Most people are just too busy living their own lives to think about the issue at all (maybe on Sunday morning; but not during the week).

Jesus tried to provide some guidance in Matthew 22:33-40; but, the message has not gotten through even after two thousand years of effort.

Until a majority of the people realize that it is better for everyone to be successful a little rather than a few be successful alot, there will be disagreement.

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