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Chinese drywall problem

About the Chinese drywall problem, I am tired of hearing about it on the news. It is well past time for someone to have resolved this issue.

I am sure we are paying a bunch of people in the federal government who should be addressing this issue. Either they should step up to the plate and get this resolved or we should have a reduction in force for the federal government now!

First, someone should test the drywall in question and determine the cause of the problem or ask the Chinese government to perform this function.

But, no matter what has caused the problem, I think there is general agreement that there is a problem and many innocent people are being adversely affected.

These people need to be compensated for their losses and everyday we wait the losses increase.

The United States government needs to make a case before the World Trade Organization that the US economy has suffered a loss and the Chinese government needs to make restitution.

If there is no resolution forth coming, then the US government should add an immediate tariff on all import goods from China until sufficient funds have been collected to compensate victims.

Problem solved!

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