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Philosophy Thought Model 15a

  1. The purpose of life is to bring intelligence into the creation.
  2. The purpose of humankind is to manage planet Earth.
  3. The purpose of philosophy is to discover the nature of knowledge.
  4. The purpose of the Internet is to allow the rapid dissemination of information.
  5. The purpose of science is to develop an organization for knowledge about the creation.
  6. The purpose of religion is to organize knowledge about the human spirit.
  7. Humans are biological, autonomous thinking computers.
  8. In humans, DNA is the firmware.
  9. In humans, the brain is the central processing unit.
  10. In humans, the thought process is the software.
  11. Humankind has reached critical intelligence level to self program.
  12. The firmware has served as well to reach this point.
  13. It is time for the software to take over the control of our actions.
  14. Houston we have a problem. We are self destructing.
  15. We face four critical risks: war, crime, over population and climate change.
  16. We war over trivial misunderstandings: religion and the economy.
  17. We need to rethink and rewrite the religious texts.
  18. We need to rethink and reorganize how we distribute labor among all the people.
  19. We need to learn to recognize and solve problems in a peaceful way.
  20. We need to reach a consensus view of our place in the universe.
  21. We need to accept a common understanding of the fundamental values upon which to make decisions.
  22. All people are equal and deserve the respect of others.
  23. Everyone should to free to live their lives as long as they do no harm.
  24. Everyone deserves equal opportunity to succeed in life.

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