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Thoughts about Life

Thoughts about Human Life

We are born, we live and we die.

Human Life is a learning experience.

Questions about human life:

Q. What is the purpose of human life?

A. The purpose of human life is to serve the betterment of the creation.

Q. Why do you get up in the morning: To make money or to make the world a better place?

A. Hopefully, it is both. If money is the top priority you tend to vote Republican. If improving things is the top priority you tend to vote Democratic.

C. I think we all need to realize that we can both make money (be more efficient) and make the world a better place (ensure justice) without having to fight a political war. We just need to state common objectives.

Human Life is about making decisions. Human Life is about service to yourself and others. Money is how you keep score.

The Life process

People need to know their limits and not exceed their authority. Risk management is an important part of modern life.

The game of life, like all other games, has rules.

Life Lessons: Success is not measured by what you have; but, by how you use what you have.

President Carter was wrong. Thinking about something is not the same as acting. Intelligent beings plan. That involves thinking. Considering bad actions is not the same as taking bad actions. We can avoid taking bad actions by realizing the negative results of bad actions and avoiding that path through life. Actions have consequences. Thinking is an aid to planning.

Life is not about believing. Life is about making good decisions.

For each decision, the question which should be asked and answered is "Which path provides a just result?"

Q. What is important?

A. Existence, safety, health, employment, happiness, purpose.

Life is a struggle between good and evil.

Q. What is good?

A. Helping others to be the best they can be.

Q. What is evil?

A. Evil is intentionally doing harm to another person or nature.

What is your mission statement?

What are your personal goals?

What are your work goals?

What are your family goals?

Q. What goals should a person have?

A. Possible goals:

A. Increase wealth and happiness.

Life is not about profit, it is about doing what is right.

Q. Can we get general agreement about what is right?

A. Doing what is right is helping others to be successful. First, it means doing no harm. Finding a way to improve conditions by applying knowledge to make life more enjoyable for ourselves and others.

Life is about getting organized, about learning, making good decisions, helping others, sharing, loving, understanding.

Life is about making decisions.

We need to develop and document and teach a common set of principles which help to make good decisions.

There are many secrets of life to discover. One of the important ones was documented by Dale Carnegie.

Give what you want. If you want respect; give respect. If you want love; give love. If you want power; give power.

The way to get power in life is to be willing to share power with everyone else. Democracy is the way to gain power without war.

Q. What is life all about?

A. Life is about the children and grandchildren.

We live on a timeline. Make decisions today to make the best possible future.

Life is about discovering the truth.

Life is about mission and respect.

For me, Life is a journey through a five dimensional space searching for truth. Truth is a many piece puzzle.

Pieces are found in many places and must be gathered and put together in a correct pattern.

Each person will find their own solution to this process.

For me the challenge has been to remember where I have filed the many pieces I have discovered and to make sense of the emerging pattern.

Life Skills:

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