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Knowledge Key Concepts

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Thoughts About Knowledge

Knowledge is information we hold to be both true and useful. But, what if that knowledge is based upon incorrect assumptions or incomplete information. In computer science, we have this saying "garbage in, garbage out". If we are making decisions based upon knowledge which is in fact incorrect, we are likely to get bad results.

Knowledge is the key.

Supporting Material

I suggest that we should not confuse knowledge with truth. Some knowledge may be true and some knowledge may be false.

Truth - the state of being the case.

Knowledge - the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association.

Belief - to hold as an opinion.

Fact - something that has actual existence.

Thus, we pass on knowledge by documenting history. I would say that Knowledge may change; Truth does not change. However, what is true at one place in space and time may not be true in another place and time!

Almost everything we believe is based upon assumptions. Most of which may be true and some of which are most likely false. Whenever an assumption is found to be incorrect; we need to re-evaluate all knowledge which was based upon that assumption.

What is the difference between information and knowledge? Knowledge is the sub set of the body of information which will enable the individual to make the decision at hand. Knowledge is useful information.

Knowledge: information, understanding, or skill that you get from experience or education. From the Webster dictionary. In common usage, I do not believe knowledge is defined to be true. We can be taught information which is accepted as knowledge which it is later found to be false. Common example, the earth was thought to be flat.

A thought: Opinion is what one person thinks is true. Knowledge is what a group of people thinks is true. Belief is what we hold as true without proof. A belief can be true or false in my opinion. Given my statement (which others may disagree with), knowledge itself my be true or false. To be true, the fact in question must be tested by observation by several people which concur. If the senses and logical reasoning conclude that the fact is true, the individual may hold the opinion as true.

Knowledge is opinion we hold in common.

Opinion is what one person thinks is true. Knowledge is what a group of people thinks is true. Belief is what we hold as true without proof.

Philosophy: Plato's Cave

Ignorance leaves the mind open for new information. False beliefs close the mind to other opinions.

What holds a person back from finding truth? Their own false beliefs.

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