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About support for education - taxes for education should be funded by the income tax only. Having a better education will in general provide a better income. People who benefit from a service should pay for the service.

We need to move from generalities, to specifics. Some people are paying too much in taxes and some people are paying too little in taxes.

Some things are being done by government which would be better done by for profit companies. Some government priories do not reflect the general public priorities.

Having a better educated population would benefit everyone in a global economy. The older generation needs the younger generation to succeed in order to support our retirement directly or indirectly. The older generation has stacked the deck against the younger generation by borrowing against their future. We are shipping their jobs to low wage countries. We do not consider that to be a conservative policy.

Rather than complain about taxes, we should be managing them as we do any other household expense. Relate a tax to the service it provides and vote on the amount of service we want rather than trying to control the total tax bill which is not in our control.

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