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About Freedom - What is freedom? Should there be limits on an individual's freedom?

Freedom Key Concept

Freedom: Everyone should be free to do what they want until they cause harm.

Supporting Material

I should be free to do anything I like until it begins to interfere with your freedom. So, yes there needs to be limits on freedom.

One individual or a group of individuals should not be allowed to reduce the freedom of another. But, that is a direct violation of the freedom of one or more individuals.

So, how do we decide which freedom to uphold? The principle should be the greater good of society.

The focus needs to be on reducing risks. What beliefs and constraints on the individual personal freedom result in the best outcome for the individual.

People do not have a natural right to cause harm. Each individual has the right to self defense. Collectively, society has the obligation to defend each citizen from harm - the primary function of government.

In the USA, we have a social contract with each other. We agree to give up some freedom (the freedom to do harm) in return for protection from those that would do us harm.

In the health care debate, one Senator raised the concern about requiring people to purchase health insurance. The concern was that a lost of freedom had occurred. However, individuals should not be free to steal from others by being irresponsible and not having health insurance and then needing medical service which they can not afford. That would amount to an illegal taking from others.

People should be responsible, if they chose to do otherwise, they may either leave the Just Society or accept the common view that everyone shall have health insurance, retirement savings and employment insurance.

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