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Education Concepts

Education: A process for reaching consensus on matters of Knowledge.

Supporting Material

About Education - we can do better.

The current system measures one person against another. This produces both successes and failures. The group which scores in the lower quartile has their self esteem damaged by the (unfair) comparison. In fact, we are trying to teach something for which this group is not ready or we are forcing a failure in order to make the curve come out as expected!

Please see the article "The vital role of self-esteem" in Business Week for 02/02/98 p. 26.

We need a system which is pass/fail for all course work. Then test to determine interest, skills and knowledge in subject areas to determine where the individual should best spend their time to achieve their full potential. Not everyone wants or needs to be a doctor of philosophy. Some people would be much happier stocking the shelves in a store.

The goal should be to achieve maximum quality of life for each individual and society as a whole.

Elements of a solution:

  1. Teach the children why they want to go to school and succeed - to make more money!
  2. Fund all education from the income tax at the state level on a per student basis - transfer to locality for implementation
  3. Use computers for all education material once the student learns to read
  4. Computers to guide student's use of the material
  5. Teach to the test
  6. Test everything a student needs to know until they know it
  7. Teach to the individual student's interest and capabilities
  8. The teacher is there for individual support - the computers cover the material
  9. Universal Internet Usage - If you want to compete in the Internet Age, you might want to use the Internet
  10. Approach providers to offer a tiered charge based on income of family
  11. Subsidize low income families
  12. All course work available at home - no books to carry - go at your own pace
  13. After School programs - run by police, firemen, nurses, scientists, managers, business leaders, etc.
  14. Administered by the schools - in the schools

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