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About Politics

Politics Key Concepts

Politics made simple: the Democrats destroy wealth, the Republicans concentrate wealth in the hands of the few. Both, are very bad ideas.

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In the USA, the system is off the tracks. We have a two party system where the goal has become about winning rather than about offering the best solution to society's problems and challenges.

We need to refocus on the problems and agree on a basic framework for solving them. We need to focus on consensus, rather than confrontation!

Politics should be about selecting the best people to carry out solutions with which most of us can agree.

We need a public debate about the issues free of political party concerns. We have tried to get the political parties to discuss the issues; but, they do not want to give the other party any concession which can be used to that party's advantage.

The debate to identify the high priority issues and proposed solutions needs to be handled by a neutral third party and then the political parties can focus on selecting the best candidates to implement the solutions.

If only we could learn a common language, we might be able to work out a consensus.

We need to decide on a national policy of how we handle two different types of personal expenditures - taxes and insurance.

Retirement, health care and employment are issues of risk. Each person needs insurance against the risk of insufficient money for retirement, expensive health care events and loss of employment. We need a cost effective, national insurance policy for each of these areas of our lives.

Raising money to fund essential government services is a separate area of our personal responsibility in my opinion. Government should employ as few people as possible directly. Most services should be contracted out to business. Government should publish the rules and people and business should follow the rules.

This is the main important distinction which divides the political parties. If we can adopt a common language then we can reach consensus on how to address our common problems in a common sense way and avoid all the non-productive arguing over non-issues.

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