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Purpose of Government

The primary function of government is to protect individuals, businesses, the environment and society from harm.

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Proper function of government


Q. How are governments formed?

A. Governments are formed from small collections of people banded together for protection into larger units of like minded people into more powerful collections of similar sized units. Giving each unit a voice in the operation of the larger collections is key to maintaining the legitimacy of each level of the government organization.

Fact: To be successful, governments must meet the needs of all citizens. ISIS is proof that we need to improve the lives of all. It is not enough that most people are doing well. No one should be left behind in the fight for universal Justice.

Government should be managed as a business. Government is in the Just Society business.

It is not the government that is the problem as President Reagan famously said, it is the Congress! We have passed many very bad laws. We need to restore the power of the market rather than the bias of the lobbyist.

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