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About Government

The proper function of government is to protect individuals, businesses, the environment and society from harm.

Government needs to enable Business and the free market to be successful.

Government services should be paid by those that benefit from those services.

The policies of the republican party are based upon a false premise, That reducing taxes for the rich will create jobs. Individuals are in fact the job creators and it is more important for everyone to have a job than that taxes are low for any given person.

Taxes should be fair. That is the most important characteristic for taxes.

Taxes should be as low as possible to provide essential government services and Full Employment across the entire society.

Everyone should be encouraged to be as productive as possible and not worry about automation eliminating their current job. There should always be a new, more interesting job to replace any eliminated by technology.

To those who have suffered through the economic down turn, the people apologize. We can do better, we must do better; but, first we must want to do better. There are those who benefit from the current system and resist changes. We must work together to overcome this resistance. We must resolve to seek the common good to achieve the best individual good.

We need to reach consensus goals and processes to use our collective knowledge to best advantage.

Machines built by man fail. Systems built by man can overcome individual failure and extend our ability to do good. It is in our power to build a better government.

Q. What is the proper function of government?

A. The proper function of government is to place limits on irresponsible human behavior. That is to prevent one person from harming another person.

Government is a unique human institution. It's role is to serve the people.

Government sets the rules for individuals and businesses to follow.

Government should not compete with business for products and services.

Government should only perform those services which do not produce a profit or involve the use of physical force to carry out the rule of law.

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