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About God

About God Key Concepts

There is no reason to choose between God and Science.

We can practice religion without giving up our intelligence and we can learn without giving up our religion.

We just need to use our collective wisdom to decide to live our lives to serve ourselves and others in a Just Society.

Supporting Material

The consensus opinion is that there is no method to prove or disprove the existence of God.

A Creator exist. Proof: I Observe the universe. I did not create the universe. Since I did not create the universe, there must exist a Creator. I just cannot know any more about the Creator. God is our explanation for the causation of reality.

We can only deal with reality as we observe it to be. Since we cannot know if a God exist, we must live our lives in the society in which we find ourselves and use our collective sense of right and wrong to guide our actions in the life which we observe.

One would think, since this is a common question, we could just reach a conclusion on the best answer to the question, document that answer and move on to more fruitful uses of our time.

What does the Creator want? Chaos or Order? Ignorance or Knowledge?

The question is not whether God exist. The question is do we understand the creation.

To known God, we must understand ourselves. To know ourselves, we must think like God.

Talking about God is not the mark of a true believer. It is living the life of one who believes.

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