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God is a concept. God is defined as the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness whom men worship as creator and ruler of the universe

Ref: Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary 1969

The key word is creator. We can not prove that a living God exist. I have a proof for the Creator.

Some things are just beyond human understanding and we have beliefs; but not proofs.

It should make no difference in the conduct of human affairs. It makes it easier if there is a life after death and people are judged by their conduct. But, it is not necessary that everyone believe the same things, we can still agree to live by a conduct developed by consensus which is in our own best interest.

The question:

Q - Is there a God (Creator)?

A - Yes, there is (or was) a God (Creator).

Proof for the Creator: [09/26/91]

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