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Reach consensus

In order to guide the public discussion, can we agree to set a goal of reaching consensus? The principle is united we stand, divided we fall.

In order to reach consensus, we need to stop making statements which serve to divide.

Politics is out of control in America because we focus on limited self interest rather than our common self interest. We have allowed the two main parties to divide our interest into the things which divide us rather than the important issues which should unite us.

Then, both parties implement policies which bring great damage to our common goals. These policies result in a growing national debt, a loss of individual control over our own lives and ill feelings about American by many people throughout the world.

We need to document Guiding Principles upon which most of us can agree. Then, we need to focus on a problem solving mode rather then trying to get an advantage over others.

We need to all agree to do want is right for America over what is of immediate benefit to ourselves. For what is right for all, in the long run, is what is right for each of us.

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