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About the Economy

Economy Key Concepts

The economic system needs to work for 100% of the people.

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About the Economy - it is the collective work we all perform.

Resources are limited. We can not all have everything we want (maybe). If we want the right things, I believe we now have the technology to provide the necessities for everyone and the reasonable wants for most people.

We need to refocus our efforts to improve the economy. There are two sets of responsibilities - those for the individual and those for society.

For the individual, we need to strive to be productive and efficient. We should always try to find a more efficient way to perform our jobs. The more efficient we are, the more things we can have for any given level of effort.

For society, we need to make sure that the productivity gains of technology and efficient use of talent and resources are shared fairly among all members of society.

This should be self-evident.

For the individual, the most important contribution to a good life should be a rewarding job. The job provides income for the family and self satisfaction for the individual. Society needs to be organized to ensure that anyone who wants a job will find one in a short time frame. This should be a corner stone of our organization. We now have the Internet to match people who need additional help with people who are willing to provide that help at a reasonable wage!

Each of us will achieve a different station in life based upon our needs and abilities. We should each feel fulfilled at our chosen position in society. We all have different needs and there is no requirement that everything be equal. But, everything should be fair! It is fair, if we collectively believe it is fair.

The basic requirements are education and consensus. Education is about sharing knowledge. Consensus is about negotiating fairness.

Please see About Economics for more details.

Facts about the Economy:

Please see a new social contract - a way to achieve Full Employment and control inflation.

Economic Growth

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