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Core Beliefs

Freedom: Everyone should be free to do what they want until they cause harm.

Individual: The individual must take Personal Responsibility for their lives and make just decisions.

Government: The primary function of government is to protect individuals and society from harm.

Democracy: The primary purpose of democracy is to prevent the concentration of power into the hands of the few.

Economy: The purpose of the economy is to ensure the efficient allocation of labor for the common good.

Capitalism: The primary purpose of Capitalism is to promote the efficient production of goods and services.

Money: The purpose of money is to place a relative value on human labor.

Religion: Any religion which does not respect the rights of non-believers is fundamentally flawed.

USA: It is in the best interest of freedom loving people everywhere that America use its power to support:

  1. the Rule of Law
  2. democratic governments
  3. market based economies
  4. resist bullies wherever they reside

Truth: To have a Just Society, everyone must have a voice on both the laws we live under and the way we use the Earth's natural resources.

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