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About Conflict

Human Conflict Key Concepts

In the Final Analysis: there are but two choices - conflict or consensus.

I prefer consensus. A people divided against themselves cannot long stand. We need to find common ground to continue to prosper.

Supporting Material

Issues that divide

Q. What are the issues that divide us?

A. Society is divided into groups along economic, religious, and cultural lines.

Fundamental difference

Q. What is the fundamental difference that divides human society?

A. Some support equality. Some support elitism.

Fight or Flight?

Q. How do humans react to threat?

A. When humans perceive a threat, the brain makes a quick determination to either run away or attack the threat. There is a third alternative when the threat is another human - conversation.

The third choice is in most cases the best choice. Humans usually have some goals in common. At the least, it is survival. If you run away, some goal is not achieved. If you fight, some resource is at risk of loss. If you talk about the conflict, some consensus may be achieved.

Common Sense

Conflict is a self destructive activity!

Just look to the Middle East for the proof.

The creator gave us a brain, use it!

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