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General principles

Guiding principles

To provide guidance during the decision making process, we need to identify and refer to a set of guiding principles. To this purpose, let's document the following:

  1. No individual or group shall be allowed to impose their will on any other individual or group by force except as provided by law
  2. No group of people should be allowed to impose their beliefs on any other group of people
  3. There shall be no lying, cheating or stealing allowed
  4. The people who benefit from a service should pay for the service
  5. The "rules of the game" shall be documented for all to see and question
  6. No one has the right to profit by harming their fellow beings
  7. Expectations are very important. People in general do not like surprises. Therefore, you should normally signal your intentions prior to making a change of direction
  8. Tax that which you want to limit
  9. Subsidize that which you want to increase

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