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Common Problems

Key Concepts

Problems are meant to be solved. This is how humans make progress.

This is where we will begin to construct a common problem list. We only have so much time. Where shall we spend it?

As of 11/09/2011 the top eight problems and priority are as follows:

  1. Under-employment
  2. Political bickering
  3. Global warming
  4. Education System
  5. 2008 Economic Meltdown
  6. Human Conflict
  7. Lack of Organization
  8. Abuse of power

Supporting Material

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  • Candidate Problem List
  • Core problems
  • Recommendations
  • GPP process

  • About a Strategy - I would like to suggest a strategy for the problem of not solving problems.

    As a general approach, we will divide the group of people into three groups a lower 10%, a higher 10% and the 80% in the middle.

    Since it is very difficult to propose a solution to any problem which satisfies everyone, we will not try. We will propose solutions which address the middle 80%.

    Since in a Democracy we need only 51% to carry the day, this is a winning strategy.

    Next, we will document a set of guiding principles which should be agreeable to the middle group. These are things which are already known to most people.

    Such as: do no harm, no lying, no cheating, no stealing, no touching without permission, do not force one person's beliefs on another person, rule of law, etc.

    Next, as a way of thinking about solutions, we should use the general approach of can I live with this solution? Will my life be better with this solution than if the problem is left un-solved?

    If a solution passes this test for the middle group it should be a good solution.

    The purpose of government is to use the power of the majority to protect the rights of the minority. It is not to allow the minority to take advantage of the majority. This is also a good test for a proposed solution.

    We will develop a list of problems and assign a priority to the importance to the middle group in solving the problem.

    We will establish the United Nations as the ultimate authority in debating the problems and solutions and assigning the priority. But, every country will have its own list and priority for itself. As so on down to the local government, and even to the individual family. The strategy should be workable for all groups of people if it is a good strategy.

    It is important for government to set the rules. But the actual caring out of the solutions should be done mostly by individuals, businesses and groups of concerned citizens within the framework of an agreed upon solution in order to be efficient.

    Government should be involved in the use of force part of solutions. This is not the right of individuals! It is the requirement of a just government!

    Use of force is the last resort, but where individuals or even governments are causing harm to others, it is necessary. Proportional use of force only. The benefit should out weigh the cost.

    We can then use the problem list to refine and prioritize the Common Goals.

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